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Our music distribution and promotions is driven and supported by our advertisers and we think we have an intriguing advertisement opportunity for advertisers.  One of the key features is that since the media items are marketing using local video shows (Riff Mania TV), in our free online music magazine (Chaotic Riffs Magazine), using our online music playlist (Riff Mania Radio) and other marketing endeavors, a business could run their ads using one of these method reaching a larger number of listeners and more importantly customers.  This allows advertisers to reach their target audience(s) which can be huge.  In fact, the ability for an advertisement to continue being viewed or listened to frequently is a definite possibility since different media delivery systems will be made available on this website, MySpace and YoutTube allowing for a broader audience.

If you are interested in obtaining more information related to how we can benefit your business, please contact us using one of the following methods to get a media kit:

Phone: (352) 304-6608
Email:  Fill Out An Information Request

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PO Box 32
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